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Race Manager Software

A few years ago we developed software to ease the task motocross race scoring. Now we are making it available to you for free.

Race Manager screen shot

The Race Manager program is to assist scoring if you are still using pencil and paper for your lap sheets. In other words this is not a system that requires, or works with, transponders.

Race Manager has a couple of key features that make scoring easier, it calculates results for you when multiple classes race together and it create reports.

Calculating Results

Race Manager screen shot


Race Manager screen shot

To run Race Manager you need a Windows PC and Excel.

To see how it works you can watch the training videos on our YouTube channel here

New release Nov. 2015, new features are:

Added support for multiple motos. Now can have 1 - 6 motos.

Added support for alternate scoring systems. Now can specify your own custom point scheme. Also added support for Olympic style points, 1 pt for first, 2 for second and so on.

Added bike brand info, now you can easily include bike band during registration and optional include in the final report.

I created a video highlighting the new features, find it here.

New release May. 2017, verion 2.8, new features are:

New Track Manager report in 2 column layout.

Riders can now have full address and related details included. This is needed for generating mailouts.

Added the number of gates to the track description. With that the Track Manager report warns if more riders than gates.

New gate pick report based on randomized order.

Added Instructions, Tip and Shortcuts to the Start page.

Added double points option for a race.

More detailed export of event details to make it easier to merge results with that from other clubs.

The software is (this is for a new install, if upgrading send me an email) here (right click and select save to download).

Send your questions to: webmaster@westshoremx.com

Quick Install Steps

#1 Get Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 – Express Edition from Microsoft and install it accepting the all the defaults.

#1.a The best way to get SQL is to use Microsofts Web Platform installer, run it, look for SQL Server 2008 to find R2 Express edition with Service Pack 2 and let it install it.

#2a (Win10, 11 minutes) After getting SQL installed see my video for detailed walk through of the install steps on Windows 10

#2b (Win7, 25 minutes) After getting SQL installed see my video for detailed walk through of the install steps on Windows 7


If you get an error messsage when trying to print a report check that you have the Report Headers defined. This is a bug I need to fix, it should give you a more informative warning but instead gives a cryptic message: Arg_NullReference.