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  • June 6: Tuesday Evening Summer Series # 1
  • June 11: Campbell River #2
  • June 13: Tuesday Evening Summer Series # 2
  • Ladies Night: Last Friday of the Month

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We are open Tues - Fri 11 to 5pm or dusk
Saturday 10 to 3:30
Sun call to check
See the Hours page for more details
At the back of Western Speedway in Langford (Western Speedway is about 2km past Costco/Home Depot in Langford)
Victoria, BC, see the map on the Hours page.
Our Address
Westshore Motocross
2207 Millstream Road
Victoria, BC,
V9B 0J7

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Race Results


Mar. 26 Race Future West classes
Apr. 23 Campbell River
May 7 WSMX

North Sourh Series

North South Series after 3


WSMX 2016 Series Final Results (not all classes shown are championship classes)
Mar. 20 Race Result: Future West classes
Mar. 20 Race Result: converted to WSMX series classes
May 15 Race Results
Aug 7 Race Results
Sept 18 Race Results
Oct 16 Race Results

Summer Series

Summer Series standings - final
June 7 Race Results, Summer Series 1
June 14 Race Results, Summer Series 2
June 18 Race Results, Summer Series 3
July 12 Race Results, Summer Series 4
July 26 Race Results, Summer Series 5, Dbl Points


WSMX 2015 Series Final Results
Aug 9 Race Results
May 24 Race Results
March 22 Race Results
Sept. 20 Race Results
Oct. 18 Race Results

Summer Series

Summer Series final results
June 2 Race Results
June 9 Race Results
June 30 Race Results
July 14 Race Results
July 28 Race Results


WSMX 2014 Series Results - Final

March 23 Race Results
May 25 Race Results
Aug 10 Race Results
Sept 21 Race Results
Oct 19 Race Results

Summer Series

Summer Series Standing
June 10 Race Results
June 17 Race Results
July 8 Race Results
July 15 Race Results
July 29 Race Results

2015 Series Summary

We had 180 different riders race in 2015

But who signed up for the most classes? Here are the tops ones

2015 rider signups

And who earned the most points?

2015 rider top points

But of course the more you race the more points you make so we need to consider how many points per race to find the the top finishers. Here is that chart, I sorted it by number of races since if you raced once and won that's not the same as racing 20 times and consistently finishing in the top.

Blue is points in per race and black number of races. This is just 2015, Summers series and Victoria Series.

2015 rider top points

We have been tracking results since 2012. In that time we had 471 different riders race.

This is points earned per race since 2012 sorted by points.

2012 - 2015 rider top points